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A Heartwarming Story About Bonding With Your Child Through the Love of Reading

by Robert Broder ; illustrated by Melissa Larson

Pub Date: April 2nd, 2024
ISBN: 9781950968923
Publisher: Blue Star Press

In Broder’s picture book, two parents chart their child’s life through the lens of their love of books.

Two parents with a shared passion for reading narrate the early years of their child’s life, marking both developmental landmarks (like sitting up and eating solid food) and book-related milestones, such as graduating from a “Baby’s First Alphabet” primer to a book about trains, or one with flaps the baby has learned how to open. Everyone in the family is involved at storytime—even the pets—and as the child grows, the stories become like other members of their household. “We read these books over and over so many times, and we loved them so much … / … that the pages needed mending with tape.” The child grows up, eventually becoming an independent reader with proud parents. This sentimental picture book may best serve parents looking to prepare their young children for a future as readers or to present their older children with a gift that commemorates their relationship. Larson’s cozy illustrations evoke the chaos of a small family doing their best every day and the ways in which a story can transcend a book’s pages to color the surrounding world for its readers.

A sweet story that traces the birth of a new reader.