HUMAN FERTILITY: The Modern Dilemma by Robert C. Cook

HUMAN FERTILITY: The Modern Dilemma

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A popularly scientific survey of the problem of uncontrolled, unchecked fertility and its concomitant, genetic arosion, a term used to indicate a deteriorating physical and mental level. Cook here uses Puerto Rico as an object lesson in an unbalanced population rise; surveys the population growth through the centuries from continent to continent; discusses the Malthusian principles, contraception and birth control, rising birth rates and declining death rates. Darwin's survival of the fittest and Mendel's heredity, and goes on to the later genetic findings and their application today as quantity outstrips quality. Of special interest, if written for a general audience.

Pub Date: Jan. 22nd, 1950
ISBN: 0837161282
Publisher: Wm. Sloane