THE GREAT ASCENT by Robert C. Heilbroner


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The economic awakening of the poor peoples throughout the world is the overriding challenge of our times, and upon our response to this demand for rapid development depends the future course of civilization. To be successful we must see the process of development clearly. Mr. Heilbroner feels that the realities of development are utterly unlike the average American's conception of them. He hopes through his book to help the reader form what the author believes is a more accurate attitude to development. The author is skeptical of some of the optimistic prognostications about the impact of technology on the prospects of rapid development. In light of the difficulties within which development must take place, Mr. Heilbroner questions whether the aspirations of the poor nations can be fulfilled. He does not foresee any dramatic improvement within the next two decades. He warns us that development will be carried on by revolutionary governments which will add to international friction. The book is pessimistic, but even where the reader disagrees; the author's ideas stimulate spring cleaning of old cherished notions. A concise statement of economic development by one of the nation's most distinguished economists, this is directed at the layman, but even the economist can benefit from some of Mr. Heilbroner's caution and questioning.

Publisher: Harper