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Based on the material from their syndicated column, and issuing from the Gesell Institute of Child Development- Gesell contributes the foreword and Frances Ilg was his co-author on Infant and Child in the Culture of Today and The Child from Five to Ten- this book which is applied advice as well as information has a far greater value for the average parent. The ages and stages of child development- from infancy to the later years, and the particular problems and anxieties they may bring with them- are outlined first through the patterns of general change and growth, then through the specific indices of development- eating behavior, sleeping and bedtime habits, training, etc. The tensional outlets- thumbsucking, stuttering, masturbation, etc; fears; intelligence and retardation; sex conduct and interests; the family relationships; school and its affiliated problems; comics, television, movies; the ethical sense in the child (stealing, lying, boasting, right and wrong); the large questions- death, divorce, adoption, God, Santa Claus; and finally discipline- are all part of a course of learning for the parent which applies theory at a common level of understanding and usefulness. A popular book which should have a steady, substantial market through the years.

Publisher: Harper