THE MIND OF PIUS XII by Robert C. Pollook


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This book gives every evidence of having been hastily thrown together in anticipation of the end of the distinguished career of His Holiness, Pius XII. The publishers apparently sensed that such a regrettable event would stimulate interest in the pronouncements of the Pope; and hence this anthology of his spoken and written messages revealing the universality of the mind of the Holy Father. The book contains snatches of the Pope's writings grouped together topically about the following subjects: Development and Growth, The Complete Man, Social Questions, The Modern State, The World of Labor, Democracy, The International Community, Cultural Diversity, Peace, Science, Technology, Medicine, Psychotherapy, Modern Education, and Modern Woman. There is a brief introduction to each subject. Unquestionably, we have in Pope Pius XII a great world figure and his observations on life today are worth recording. However this sampling of the Pope's mind scarcely does him justice.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1955
Publisher: Crown