ONE FOR THE ROAD by Robert C. Ruark


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The irreverent, thumb to nose columnist again collected and having his say on this, that and many another thing. Ruark can really go to town, whether it be on food or drink, burlesque, sports writing, whether it is life in the country, or women or politics, barrooms or weddings, personalities or gadgets, and he manages to swing a mean, as well as a funny line. His newspaper following is sizable, and in assembling these columns, several on similar subjects have been grouped under one heading, which makes for a more continuous, coherent flow of ideas. There's a definite bite to his ideas, a rowdy corrective quality to his opinions, and a happy exaggeration in his style. The combination of illustrations by R. Taylor is quite in tone with the off center, often zany quality of this type of writing.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday