A NICE PLACE TO LIVE by Robert C. Sloane


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Foul haunted-house twaddle. The Marinos--Christine, Nick, and little Joey--have just moved to their new home at Mill Harbor, and eerie things begin happening as soon as they attend a neighbor's cocktail party and meet the creepy locals: on their way home they find the beheaded body- of their dog Sleazy. (Later they hear that the former owners' horse was torn limb from limb and drained of blood.) So they buy Joey a new Great Dane for protection, but while Chris is sunning herself one afternoon the dog attacks some approaching beast and gets dismembered. Furthermore, Nick is acting oddly, his face swelling and eyes turning foxlike; one night he viciously sodomizes Chris over the bathroom sink; he abuses her verbally; he takes up with a nubile neighbor girl. What's going on? Could it be that gargantuan neighbor Karl Anderson is a troll? So believes a local anthropologist--who winds up dismembered in Anderson's decrepit boathouse. And finally Anderson kidnaps the Marinos for the big transfiguration scene in which Joey will be offered up and the others made into trolls. . . . One barbarous absurdity after another; somewhat stomach-turning, mostly yawn-some.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1981
Publisher: Crown