THE CAGE OF LOVE by Robert Carse


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To young Jack Hall, attending a second-rate New York City day school and acting as a counselor at a second-rate summer camp, tennis was all until he met Catherine. College becomes an impossibility, so while Catherine is at Smith, he serves with the Marines in Korea and returns a hero. Jack and Catherine marry and a job as tennis pro at a Long Island country club is succeeded by a try at running a Florida resort hotel. Then Catherine's father, a hotel owner, makes a big deal with a fabulously rich Armenian shipping tycoon and they all go- to work in his Caribbean pleasure dome. Jack and Catherine's marriage deteriorates until at last they leave the resort, return to the United States and invest their money in a new prep school where Jack will teach tennis and Spanish. They plan to adopt a child and make a success of their marriage.... The reader is taken on a whirlwind trip through such varying settings as a summer camp, a battlefield, split-level suburbs, the stronghold of the power elite and the seedy rent-controlled apartments of the white collar class, the world of the tennis bum and that of international cafe society- never staying long enough in one place to adequately understand or enjoy it. Sex in just about all its manifestations spices what is otherwise a quite chaotic novel.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1959
Publisher: Frederick Fell