THE WINE OF GENIUS: A Life of Maurice  by Robert Coughlan
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THE WINE OF GENIUS: A Life of Maurice

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A beautifully clear and simple biography of the important minor modern artist and of his mother, the well-known painter Suzanne Valadon, this is not a rigid interpretation of Utrillo but a story of his life and work that leaves the final decision to the reader. The bare facts of Utrillo's life, his illegitimate birth to an artist's model in the Montmartre of the early '80's that was seething and soon to erupt with new art forms and ideas, his early enslavement to alcohol, his subsequent bouts with the d.t.'s and then temporary insanity, are sure-fire material, and Mr. Coughlan has presented them with a sympathy that makes the long ago scenes real. Parts of this appeared in Life, and it is illustrated. A must for art libraries.

Publisher: Harper