CARS AT SPEED: The Grand Prix Circuit by Robert Daley

CARS AT SPEED: The Grand Prix Circuit

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Despite the sub-title, this book covers more than any other book I've seen the whole history, setting, performance in the field of racing. The types of racing are indicated- the types of racing cars- but the focus is on racing cars and racing sports cars. Here are the men- the greats of yesterday and today:- Farina, Fangio, Behra, Caracciola, Brabham, Stirling Moss, the Boillot brothers, Bonnier, Peter Collins, and many others,- pen portraits and stories of their greatest races. Here are the tracks, the road racing circuits, the autodromes, the rings. There's a far wider range of arenas than the neophyte would guess; Italy, France, West Germany, Holland, Lisbon, Argentina, England, North America. There are the Grand Prix,- Italian, French, Belgian, British (they are the Johnny-Come-Latelies of the sport). Here are stories of fantastic escapes, disastrous slaughters, of violent death, of massacre of on-lookers. Here are the cars of many nations, built for the purpose- and science taking over to determine the minutest contributing factor. Here is the horror, the thrill, the tension, the beauty- and the fascination of it all. For the fans, this is a must.

Pub Date: May 11th, 1961
Publisher: Lippincott