SHIPS OF DOOM by Robert de la Croix


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The author of Mysteries of the Sea and Mysteries of the Islands focuses on further disasters at sea, many of which remain in the achieves of unsolved maritime casualties. Why in the twentieth century with the technical assistance of rader and other electronic devices do ships still disappears. What are the variables that man has not fully considered? Here are the stories of several doomed? ships, the dangers they encountered and how they succumbed. In several cases there is no known explanation for the tragedy. In 1879, the Jeanette took off on an Arctic expedition and was never heard from again. In 1903 the Vicnne's mysterious destiny never came to light. Piracy exploits, the holocaust of fire, the constant danger of atoms have played their roles. In recounting these tales, the author pieces his puzzle together slowly allowing the reader to arrive at his own conclusion. Aside from the repetitions nature of the theme, seen ad infinitum in books, movies and television plays dealing with such catastrophes as the sinking, the accuracy of information about lesser known vessels should appeal to the maritime buff.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1961
Publisher: John Day