THE MARYKNOLL STORY by Robert E. Considine


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An admiring, appreciative testimonial to the mission of Maryknoll- which epitomizes to Considine ""all the vigor, earthiness and godliness of this country in its spiritual and physical relations abroad"". Individually, and collectively, this mission and its members are shown in their work on other continents, as they fight appalling forces of famine, illiteracy, disease, godlessness. Their work in China, before and after the war; the orphanages for abandoned children; the Gate of Heaven Leper Asylum; the Boys' Towns; the Sisters- and the Brothers. And on to Japan, Korea, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, the jungle, anticlerical Guatemala, and Mexico where they are outlawed; and finally Africa where ten million have already been converted. . . Correspondent, columnist, Considine lends a practised hand as well as a sympathetic heart to the aims and accomplishments of Maryknoll- but the audience will chiefly be a Catholic one.

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday