RECEIVING THE WORD OF GOD by Robert E. Terwilliger
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Man made in the image of God means that he is capable of converse with God, that he can receive God's word."" Proceeding from this truth about man, the Reverend Dr. Robert E. Terwilliger, Rector of Christ Church, Poughkeepsie, and chaplain to Episcopal faculty and students at Vassar College, describes the encounter between the world of God and the receiver. His concern is not so much with the proclamation of the Word, whether in the Bible or in preaching, though he has something to say about that, but with the way in which this Word, Jesus Christ, is received by the ""hearer"", whether it be through the Bible, the liturgy, (and here is to be found an excellent summary and interpretation of the liturgical revival as God's continuing act in which his people share), by preaching, or the changes and chances of the Christian's everyday life. ""Receiving the Word of God in all these ways is the most important experience in life,"" concludes Dr. Terwilliger, and the reader is the more likely to agree, after reading this book, for the author has written persuasively and well with full knowledge of the needs and weaknesses of people as well as their capacity for eternal life with God. The Bishop of New York has chosen this as his book for 1960. Though written by an Episcopalians with Episcopalians in mind, this book is neither narrow nor partisan, and Christians generally are likely to find much here to stimulate, challenge and encourage them.

Publisher: Morehouse-Barlow