FILM Book II: Films of Peace and War by Robert Ed. Hughes

FILM Book II: Films of Peace and War

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Leading international film artists and critics are outspoken here (as in Film: Book 1 The Audience and the Film makers published in 1959)- on the subject of their art and modus operandi. Reflecting films of peace and war since 1945, this volume includes interviews with John Huston, Norman Mciaren and Alain Resnals: a number of critical essays, a brief questionnaire put to film-minded contemporaries ranging from Herbert Read to Archer Winston, and two complete ""banned"" film scripts by Huston and B. Particularly significant are some of the critical observations made in an interview with McLaren on the nature of experimental films, and an analysis of Japanese postwar ""bomb"" oriented movies by Donald Richie. Another article documents the use of an abstract film, Neighbors, for social-adjustive purposes in NYC's ""600"" schools. There are other names of note,- Herbert Gold, Paul Goodman, Gideon Bachmann, etc. A study of considerable penetration, with welcome allusions to individual films, and exploratory thinking on the nature of war and peace in filmdom international, 1962.

Publisher: Grove Press