ESQUIRE'S BOOK OF FISHING by Robert- Ed. Scharff


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For that follower, be he merely aberrated, crazed or in the last stages of mania, of fishing and more fishing, this collection from 30 years of the magazine's pages will supplement many areas of his favorite pursuit. The articles range from what makes a fisherman fish to information on tackle and lures, methods of fishing streams, lakes, the ocean and out on the deep sea; there's material on the weather, on equipment, on hooking, landing and playing your fish; there's a listing of the 101 favorite fishing spots in North America and around the world in which information about travel, species of fish, clothes to wear, etc., is given; there's the story of the International Gamefish Association, and the value of guides is competently discussed. Contributors (Hemingway, William J. Schaldack, Philip Wylie, etc.) will be noted; there will be illustrations and cartoons. Something for every member of the fraernity here.

Publisher: Harper & Row