THE INFINITE WEB: Eight Stories of Science Fiction by Robert--Ed. Silverberg

THE INFINITE WEB: Eight Stories of Science Fiction

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These eight stories range from very good to splendid--yet they seem ragged as an anthology, especially an ""ecological science fiction"" anthology. Readers who empathize with James H. Schmitz's plucky young scamp tackling the menacing life-form his elders have classified as ""harmless"" may be all at sea in R. A, Lafferty's baroque new Jurassic era. Conversely, those who appreciate the sophisticated, not to say pretentious, irony of Silverberg's own ""The Wind and the Rain"" (where a future generation marvels at our destruction of Earth as ""a self-contained artistic achievement, like a fouette en tournant or an entrechat-dix . . ."") may not be held by the comparatively unchallenging short-story version of Clarke's famous The Deep Range. All in all, not one of Silverberg's more workable projects.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1977
Publisher: Dial