MIND TO MIND: Nine Stories of Science Fiction by Robert -- Ed. Silverberg
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MIND TO MIND: Nine Stories of Science Fiction

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Psionics,"" that elusive branch of science dealing with psy-powers is tenderly explored in these outstanding stories. Like Brian Aldiss' ""Psyclops,"" in which a dying father's contact with his unborn son leads to unforeseen disaster; or Asimov's ""Liar"" in which a mind-reading computer parrots each person's personal vision of the truth back to them; or Algis Burdrys' ""Riya's Foundling,"" a spatial tear jerker about an orphan and an extraordinary alien mother, or James White's unusual shipboard conspiracy between the animals who have learned to communicate. Mind Expanding and easy to take.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1971
Publisher: Nelson