THE GUARANTEED INCOME by Robert--Ed. Theobald


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The concept of the guaranteed income takes the twin hurdles of cybernetics and abundance in this thoughtful symposium which views both the potentials and possible shortcomings of insuring a certain income to each member of our society. The book ""proposes the establishment of new principles specifically designed to break the link between Jobs and income,"" a step which must be made through the government since it alone is concerned ""with every member of society and with the adequate functioning of the total socio-economic system."" Contributors scan the present and future of a computer-run economy in which fewer Jobs at a lower level are available; weigh the responsibility of government for individual income. They consider the ability of man to deal with the effects of a guaranteed income, one affirmatively, one negatively (Fromm sees it as a potential for liberation of human effort; William Vogt fears further population explosion). The guaranteed income is seen as helpful to private enterprise. It is also viewed as the latest in a series of increasingly profound reorganizations that Western society is making in order to distribute increasing production. On the whole the book accentuates the positive while remaining a considered assessment of a vanguard concept.

Pub Date: Jan. 14th, 1965
Publisher: Doubleday