FIRST COMES COURAGE by Robert Edmond Alter


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Wolves in the Klondike, sharks along the Australian coast, a great buffalo charging in Africa--ten tales of physical endurance, based on actual incidents, bathed in blood and thunder. One or two men are singled out in the martial episodes--Home and Salkeld in 1857 India, Bertholf among the ""savages"" in the Philippines (1901), Spanish Legionnaires Desmond and Lockesley in Morocco (ca. 1920)--with the bombs bursting in air. Slightly more dramatic are some of the less brutal (but equally courageous) scenes: Boettner on an early parachute tryout; the explosion of Tom Eadie's diving suit; Saint-Exupery's colleague Gauillaumet finding his way out of the freezing cold Argentine mountains. None of the incidents is especially well told--there's an assault of cliches--so even the inherent tension tends to be lost.

Pub Date: July 8th, 1969
Publisher: Putnam