THE DARK KEEP by Robert Edmond Alter


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Thirteenth century England provides the backdrop for this fast moving tale of Norman-Saxon rivalry at the end of Henry III's reign. Raised in the sumptuous Norman surroundings of Tressling Castle under the tutelage of Sir Arnold, a shrewd nobleman, young Martin is shocked to discover the secret of his origin. Born a Saxon, his life had been spared only because Mordan the magician convinced Sir Arnold that the boy would some day lead the Normans to the great Saxon treasure. With the help of young Tristram, Martin understands where his loyalties lies, renounces Tressling Castle and takes up the Saxon banner. The course is strewn with intrigue and obstacles, but the climax is inevitable. In the dark reaches of Griffin Castle, his family home, Martin unearths the treasure just as King Henry is pronounced dead. With Edward on the throne, the brave young Saxons can look forward to a united England and the end of the long struggle. Medieval Britain, its customs on the field of battle and within the moated castle come to life in a well constructed plot, hampered to some extent by an awkward style. History enthusiasts will find it rewarding.

Pub Date: Nov. 30th, 1962
Publisher: Putnam