RABBLE ON A HILL: A Novel about the Revolution by Robert Edmond; Illus. Albert Orbaan ?lter

RABBLE ON A HILL: A Novel about the Revolution

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This bristling, brawling account of the days just prior to Lexington and concord and through the Battle of Breed's Hill (commonly known as the Battle of Bunker Hill through the error of a British cartographer) should make history palatable to a boy who will read a war story. Shad Holly, scout and militiaman, whose earlier adventures under George Washington in the defense of Fort Necessity were old in Listen, The Drum! reappears to share the spotlight with young actor, Nat Towne, on stage, spying missions and in battle. Although the dialogue is weakened by the inclusion of modern military slang, such as ""pushed the panic button,"" the book does correct a few historical misconceptions and reduces some historically majestic figures to human proportions. The red, white and blue jacket imparts the rough readiness and purpose of the men who fought the Revolutionary War.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1964
Publisher: Putnam