THE RIGHT TO BE EDUCATED by Robert F.--Ed. Drinan


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This collection of nine essays commemorates the 20th anniversary of the adoption by the U.N. of the ""Universal Declaration of Human Rights"" and is concerned, as the title indicates, with ""the right to be educated"" (Articles 26 and 27). The scope of the essays as a whole is large -- too large, in fact, for a significant statement of the Catholic view of the subject right to emerge -- though individually the pieces are authoritative and interesting. If any general conclusions may be drawn, they are as follows: first, Catholic scholars and Catholic educational institutions are deeply concerned with and involved in the search for the means to implement ""the right to be educated""; and, second, the Church itself, as an institution, is still insufficiently committed to that same search and implementation. The book has a worthwhile message as well as a certain value as a survey of the direction of Catholic educational processes in this one aspect. Its market will be small, that of the Catholic educator and administrator.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1968
Publisher: Corpus Books