THE BATTLE OF LEPANTO 1571 by Robert F. Marx
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As long as anyone is left reciting Chesterton's Lepanto, this is one of the battles students are going to be expected to know about. Yet who can remember what it was all in aid of? Mr. Marx has the special knack of recreating the events that tend to get obscured under their celebration--The Voyage of the Nina II and The Battle of the Spanish Armada (1965). He writes vividly, his action scenes also carry the reader into the information, and he summarizes the issues and the personalities involved with skill. Although it did not spell the end of Turkish territorial supremacy, the Austrian/Italian and Papal show of force by sea kept the Mediterranean free of Turkish domination. That's about as much (plus the date) the average reader can be expected to know about the battle of Lepanto. However, with the help of this book, a great deal more about the men and the events should stay afloat.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1966
Publisher: World