THE LAST CAPITALIST by Robert F. Mirvish


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Spawned by the raids on Murmansk 12 year old Dmitri, orphaned, discovers free trade, becomes secure in providing what people want by salvaging after bombings, gathers a cadre of youngsters around him -- and defies Russian authority. He deals directly with Arnoldov, a deputy not above accepting black market items in payment of hands off; he houses a close circle of juvenile money changers (capitalist barbarians) in secret caves; he becomes aware of new concepts through American Hollis, a ship's navigator, survivor of a sinking and awaiting release; he evades the attempts of Katya Markova to bring him and his group back to conformity through re-education. Through Nadya, a girl he salvages, and through Hollis knowledge of escape routes, Dmitri has a chance to be free but he uses the means to set Katya on her way to join Hollis and returns to accompany Nadya and his other charges to the reconstruction center very certain that, in this new world, he will still be a middleman -- with a middleman's profit. A young, but mature, deviationist is the pivot for a war time romance, and a war story with a difference.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane