FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Resurrecting the Art of Eating by Robert Farrar Capon

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Resurrecting the Art of Eating

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What's cooking with Capon? The Episcopal priest, revered author of Bed and Board (1965) and The Supper of the Lamb (1969), returns with yet another unorthodox concoction. His version of the good life begins with kitchen privileges--cooking is sacramental; his own recipes, many with a crisp Oriental flavor, are cavalierly organized but firmly embedded in his unique cosmic scheme with lots of onion and garlic and dim regard for most modern appliances. He hymns the blessings of the wok, the gas stove, and the Swiss army knife, and natters on amiably, blending in spicy theology: ""It has been said that original sin is the only Christian doctrine capable of experimental verification."" Not everyone will rush to wash their white rice 11 times or shave cinnamon in a child's pencil sharpener, and inexperienced cooks may flounder around among the airy imprecisions--some water, a palmful of rice, a piece of beef. But his urgings for renewal are beyond reproach: ""The world is a cosmic soufflÉ, and the last direction for enjoying any part of it is always the same: serve immediately and eat it all; there's another universe coming out of the oven in a minute."" Amen.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1978
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich