THE WHITE BRIGADE by Robert Goffin


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A spare, muted and extremely moving exposure of incidents in the Belgian underground, the White Brigade of men who could not ""fight on the battlefield"" and were determined to ""fight under it"". Under pseudonyms, here are those engaged in arson, sabotage, murder, theft, and evasion -- and who face constant trials, executions, reprisals. There is the amazing story of one man who faced a firing squad eleven times, and still was silent; there are accounts of violent torture, even against little children; there is the story of Buchet, a main figure in the movement, whose child dies of T. B. whose wife assumes the blame for a crime she did not commit and is sentenced to death, while Buchet, spotted by the Gestapo, escapes to England where he is killed flying for Free Belgium. Not for the popular sale of Paris Underground, but impressive material which should reach the thoughtful readers of the other book.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran