J C SAVES by Robert Gover
Kirkus Star


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Gover's hilarious comic counterpoint duo, Kitten and J.C. (One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding: Here Comes Kitten), meet for the third time here and as openers, Kitten is older and just that more hep cat and J.C. is the same self-righteous stuffed shirt, only mustier. J.C. has become the ""Public Relations Officer of Hook County,"" now astonished by its first riot ""as our very own Negroes attempt to shatter our community image."" J.C. is out to get the Commies who (naturally) inspired all this and of course he runs across Kitten, fleeing from her addict lover and sprays of Whitey's bullets. Kitten is on the hustle and as ""em-efed"" tongued as ever and J.C. can't resist trying to save her. His idea to hire her as a maid meets with some resistance: ""I messas beds. I don't make 'em. ""It also causes problems with his analyst-commuting wife and the Hook County body politic. . . one does not take his whore home. Kitten slips him some grass and he confesses that his sister married a certified Swede, yet had a colored baby which means that J.C. must be part Negro to which Kitten sweetly responds: ""So what's he want--a soul brother's sweatshirt?"" Then they trip together on LSD and ""She-eee-eee-it!"" if J.C., that leaning tower of Babel, doesn't crumble. When last seen, J. C., sans wife, son Junior and job is gettin' himself together in the local looney bin. And Kitten is taking advantage of every visiting day. J. C. Saves so let us pray for more of Mr. Gover's uninhibited black and white humor.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Trident