FORRESTAL AND THE NAVY by Robert Greenaigh & Cnnery Robert Howe Albion


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Albion and Connery, both one-time Forrestal associates, present here a close, cool headed, quas compelling coverage of the late public official's career from his first appointment. Just prior to World War II, as Under Secretary of the Navy, on through the turbulent Washington years as Secretary of Defense and National Security Council promulgator. The book tackles the politico-military complex which evolved during the Roosevelt administration, the post-war unification of the armed forces, probably the most lasting Forresial triumph, his exchanges with Congressional committees and the State Department, the revamping of organizational procedures and the reshaping of personnel recruitments, both of which be spearheaded. As for Forrestal the man and an in-depth portrait, its not here; in fact, that most sensational aspect of a remarkable personality, Forrestal's suicide in '49, gets barely a nod. Nevertheless, a keen behind the scenes survey,- knowledgeable, dispassionate, expansive, of invaluable aid to Naval savants and Forrestal enthusiasts.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1962
Publisher: Columbia Univ. Press