THE SQUAD GOES OUT by Robert Greenwood


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Author of Mr. Bunting in Peace and War offers another story of the effect of war on civilians, this time highlighting his characters against the 1940 Fall blitz on London. An ambulance squad of four -- Brownie, Jenny, Lawson, Battersby, -- unwillingly, apathetically, practice the routine, but when necessity and reality arise, their job pulls them together, gives them friendship, interdependence, love. Brownie leaves the world he has always known, the people he has accepted, to become part of the Bermondsey Jenny turns down two chances at a career to carry on her work in her bombed out district Hattersby becomes everyone's strong right arm and leader in fact; while Lawson, deciding to disappear, involuntarily joins his crew when a super-blitz arrives. Chance, and a direct hit, leave only Battersby alive, to carry on and hope for the chance to annihilate a German. The human touch for a friendly story.

Pub Date: May 3rd, 1943
Publisher: Bobbs Merrill