THEY WHO WAIT by Robert Guerlain


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Little different from the Haedrich or Joffe books on the subject of German prisoners and prison camps, with organization of material and essentials much the same. This, however, is written mostly in the third person, in a tone of general discussion rather than as a narrative of actual happenings to one man. No great bitterness, as in the Joffe, and a feeling that hope is being kept alive among the prisoners, even after the defeat of the nation itself, who look forward to a ""rebirth"" of France (in this case) with Allied victory, not just freedom from the German yoke. The publishers emphasize the idea of prisoners within Germany waiting for Allied invasion to make it possible for them to strike --actually this is mentioned only one or two times throughout, and only slight differences distinguish this from the other two.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1943
Publisher: Crowell