AFTER LONG SILENCE by Robert Gutwillig


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Another postgraduate postmortem is a little reminiscent of Charles Thompson's Halfway Down the Stairs (Harper) earlier this year; it is flushed with she same restless experimentation as it makes a reconnaissance of young lives born to more than they really inherit, of private loyalties which find no larger commitments. It is Tom Freeman who tells the story of his friend Chris Hunt -- but finds that Chris escapes him now in death much as he did when he was alive- Chris with his charm, his diffidence, his quixotic- well guarded past (a war record of some heroism- a prison record too). This then is the story of that attachment as Chris tests his friendship and sometimes strains it (he moves in on Tom's girl); as, during the last two years at an Eastern college- and one year later in New York, they make the rounds together- work too little, drink too much; and finally, as Chris is killed in the accident in which Tom is behind the wheel..... A first novel, there are sharp, bright touches to the writing which keep these first experiences fresh- immediate- and important- perhaps to a greater degree than they really are- and very contemporary.

Publisher: Little, Brown