ON ESP by Robert H. Curtis


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Do-it-yourself spiritualism. . . your precognition notebook. . . Zener cards for your home laboratory test-yourself photos of faces. . . Curtis varies brief sketches of the Sinclair experiments, Kirlian photography, psychokinesis, etc., with the above suggestions for parlor-game trials of the reader's own powers. Opting safely for skeptical open-mindedness, he favors natural explanations of deja vu, possession and faith healing, and acknowledges that ""most scientists feel that the experiments done so far [on ESP] have not met the test"" of reliability and repeatability. Altogether Curtis offers only the merest snippets of data and analysis, though it's all harmless enough unless you take seriously the suggestion that performing these casual ""experiments"" makes you a scientist.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1975
Page count: 85pp
Publisher: Prentice-Hall