A STRANGER HERE by Robert Henriques


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Henriques has a magic quality of evoking the feel of the Cotswold countryside, of conveying the moods of the times, the contemporary England of which he writes. But his market for this new novel will be sharply circumscribed by the minor thread of his plot. The main story centers around the conflicts of emotions in Will Bower, a tremendously successful farmer who is building a small empire in his holdings, but who needs to prove himself superior to his advancing years. He loves his wife, but in the newcomer, Grace, nurse to a neighbor's wife, he finds the thrill he wants, in dreaming of what might be, and little realizes the avalanche his desires have released. His wife's mind clouds- then snaps; his daughter, none too well balanced sexually, throws herself at the head man on the farm; the son, young, susceptible, is pushed over into homosexuality by the neighbor's son, already deep in perversion. All in all -- a strange succession of abnormalities builds up to a melodramatic finale in which animal forces take an unwonted and violent part. Well done- but, for this reader, not worth doing.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1953
Publisher: Viking