I'VE HAD IT: A Practical Guide to Moving Abroad by Robert Hopkins

I'VE HAD IT: A Practical Guide to Moving Abroad

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A practical initiation into the problems involved in taking up permanent residence abroad -- with a bias toward the American with a mild case of Stateside alienation and timidity in approaching officialdom. Throughout Hopkins supplies all those important lists of addresses and publications applicable to the subjects covered: passports and visas (entrance and exit); taxation foreign and American-imposed; employment abroad; estimates of living costs (both for sahibs and those wishing to melt into the landscape); schooling; and specific entering requirements. The chapter ""Who Wants Us (Will Accept Us; Can Stand Us)"" features the most popular choices -- Canada, Great Britain, Australia for example -- and there are brief, capriciously sketchy, profiles of those havens less popular for various reasons -- Ireland, Belgium, France, U.S.S.R., etc. Hopkins is neither discouraging or encouraging, but it is obvious that his research indicates that it's wise to leave the native shores with a firm prospect of employment and/or financial stability. Not really for those merely equipped with knapsack and discontent.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1972
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston