INDIANS AT HOME by Robert- Illus. Hofsinde


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The author, whose Indian name is Gray-Wolf, is an expert on Indian arts and crafts. Previous titles among his many books have been Indian Fishing and Camping (1963, p. 115 J-49) and Indian Hunting (1962, p. 178 J-36) This book shares the virtues of those he has done before: his explanations are simple; his directions are explicit and his many illustrations are well drawn. ""Gray-Wolf's"" books go over well with scouts in search of projects and provide beleaguered den mothers and scoutmasters with good ideas. In covering the typical housing of the North American tribes, the wigwam, the longhouse, the earth lodge, the Pueblo adobe, and the plankhouse are shown. There are described in the text and drawn, in most cases, from the inner support to the outer shell -- easy to imitate in scale models. The last chapter discusses how the various reservation Indians house themselves today. There is an appendix of tribes by linguistic groups and an index.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1964
Publisher: Morrow