THE IDLE BEAR by Robert Ingpen


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From an Australian who won the 1986 Andersen Award, a gentle picture-book conversation between two aged teddy bears. This will charm any adult who loves these bears, and possibly some children as well. The bears' dialogue is deceptively aimless yet cadenced and philosophical, like a play by Samuel Beckett. ""'Where do you come from, Ted?' 'From an idea,' said Ted definitely. 'But ideas are not real, they are only made-up,' said Teddy. 'You have to come from somewhere real to have realitives.' 'Not realitives, relatives!' said Ted. . ."" The soft, finely detailed illustrations of these two well-worn bears are full of the expression that can be derived from placing them variously, resulting in a pleasant range of compositions. For another teddy-bear picture book, one that has an engaging plot as well as charm, see Hickey's Old Bear (1986).

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1987
Publisher: Bedrick--dist. by Harper & Row