I CAN'T FORGET by Robert J. Casey
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An ably told, exciting and absorbing reportage on the author's experiences at the front during the first winter of this war. Most journalists' stories so far have been behind the front- in London, Berlin, Paris. This is the front itself. Of the Chicago Daily News Foreign Syndicate, Casey got out of Luxenbourg a step ahead of the Germans, after having been driven behind the German West Wall, in and around the Maginot Line, reporting on the life of the French soldiers. On to Chartres, Tours, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, all the while missing death by fractions; then out through Lisbon, to London for the Fall air blitz. Personal, packed with action, with no attempt to interpret the political or international issues, bringing home to individuals the tragedy and the humor of war. Good adventure reading. Publishers backing it strongly.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1941
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill