MIGRAINE RELIEF: A Personal Treatment Program by Robert J. Kohlenberg

MIGRAINE RELIEF: A Personal Treatment Program

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Psychologist Kohlenberg's biofeedback program may not be news to seasoned migraine sufferers; but it's clear, balanced, well-organized--and comes equipped with a temperature-sensor for self-treatment. By using this ""biotic band"" (others are available from the author), readers can learn to control the constriction and dilation of blood vessels of the hand and head, and thus lessen the severity of a migraine attack. To help avert the problem, it's important to recognize and react appropriately to stressors in daily life; mainly, Kohlenberg advises increased self-assertiveness (""the long-term discomfort from vasoconstriction far outweighs the short-term discomfort which you avoid by saying yes when you should say no""). And though ""diet by itself is not enough to prevent migraines,"" diet can be manipulated to avoid hypoglycemia, food allergies, and the substance tyramine (found in cheese, chocolate, and other foods) if they seem to be implicated in migraine attacks. How to Find Relief from Migraine, by Rosemary Dudley and Wade Rowland, offers more possibilities for treatment, including Some new ones--but Kohlenberg's text is practical and trustworthy on self-treatment techniques.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1982
Publisher: Harper & Row