GOD AND CONTEMPORARY MAN: Reflections of a Christian Philosopher by Robert J. Kreyche

GOD AND CONTEMPORARY MAN: Reflections of a Christian Philosopher

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These reflections of a Christian philosopher are an attempt to offer post-modern man a review of the problems which afflict the heart of man in the culture in which he lives. To any who have come their own way in this direction, Dr. Kreyche's efforts will appear condescending and perhaps even presumptuous, but then he is not writing for his peers. Out of his own experiences as a teacher of philosophy he draws on homely examples to illustrate the points he wishes to make. The central theme of the book is the happiness of man and this forms the basis by which he shows the link between God and contemporary man. While many of the points he stresses are arbitrarily his own, he does not intend the book to be considered unassailable. He obviously intends it to serve as the basis from which the reader forms his own opinion. Dr. Kreyche has succeeded in providing a compact summary of fundamental insights which point up the value to be derived from philosophical formation as an integral supplement to religious and spiritual development.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1965
Publisher: Bruce