THE C ZONE: Peak Performance Under Pressure by Robert J. & Marilyn Harris Kriegel Kriegel

THE C ZONE: Peak Performance Under Pressure

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How to become a superachiever and enjoy it--through a program of written exercises, meditation and visualization techniques. Psychologists Robert Kriegel (Inner Skiing) and Marilyn Kriegel here propose a new, healthier personality type to take its place alongside the tortured, driven Type-As and the blah, over-relaxed Bs. Type C, they tell us, is ""living life under pressure with vitality, meaning, and joy."" Their models are corporate and sports stars they've worked with--Jack Nicklaus, Levi Strauss' Peter Thigpen. After a description of Type C Behavior and ""the Type C Experience"" (transcendent, effortless, positive, spontaneous, focused, etc.), there are some exercises to call Type C experiences to mind (most everyone has had them)--followed by instructions on avoiding obstacles to Type C behavior (panic is one), increasing commitment and control of tasks (essential in the mastery process), and ""programming yourself for the C Zone"" (meditation/relaxation to avoid stress, while visualizing success). Final, healthy stress is laid on the importance of physical well-being. A neat (if unremarkable) little program--with its own well-developed jargon--outlining elements of positive outlook training that have proved helpful to many.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1984
Publisher: Doubleday