ATTACK AT NIGHT by Robert Jackson


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A small team from Britain's Special Air Service joins up with the French resistance in Provence to put Nazi bombers and their deadly new missiles out of commission. By the author of Hurricane Squadron (1984) and the nonfiction Fighter! The Story of Air Combat 1936-1945 (1979). It's December 1943, and young Royal Army Captain Callum Douglas has been given an assignment of vital importance. The Nazis have developed a frighteningly accurate air-to-surface missile, and they're using it to wipe out Allied convoys with spectacular success. One convoy that must make it through is gathering in West Africa, preparing to head through Gibraltar on its way to support the impending invasion of southern Italy at Anzio. Douglas and his men, along with the attractive France-Englishwoman who is the contact with the resistance, are ordered to break into the Nazi air base at Istres and sabotage the deadly missiles before they can be launched against the convoy Flying secretly into France, the Englishmen are spirited from town to town by the men and women of the resistance under the guidance of the distinguished Etienne Barbut, a rancher from the Camargue, the romantic horse-country at the mouth of the Rhone. Their progress toward Istres seems dogged by misfortunes. Somebody is betraying their presence to the Germans and to the Milice, France's collaborationist police force. A serviceable plot is done in by the woefully old-fashioned, stuffy boys' adventure narrative style and viewpoint. Very slow-going.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1989
ISBN: 312-02718-4
Publisher: St. Martin's
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