MISS SALLY by Robert Joe Stout


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A strange but totally unhaunting novel from the point of view of a young Texas adolescent girl. Sally Halm has everything going against her (she's fat, stupid, pimply, boring) except the fact that she'll ""put out"" -- not out of desire but simply the fact that her younger, more charming and clever sister Hilary is out of town, and a promise is a promise is a promise. This mentality leads, rather naturally, to gang rape, after which she's farmed out with distant relatives whose ugly whoremongering son refuses to fall in love with her. In despair, she marries an unpleasant middle-aged man who can only get it up when he sets his dogs on his wife -- luckily for Sally, and us, he is soon to die of bleeding ulcers, where the novel ends. Despite the depressing events of Sally's unpleasant and self-righteous life, this book seems to accurately imitate the non-workings of the minds of those faceless women who never make it out of the small towns where they are born, plus an on-target knowledge of unhip adolescent sex life -- more curiosity than lust, filled with a shame that later translates itself into the double standard.

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 1973
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill