AROUSING THE SLEEPING GIANT: How to Organize Your Church for Action by Robert K. Hudnut

AROUSING THE SLEEPING GIANT: How to Organize Your Church for Action

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A couple of years ago, Rev. Hudnut wrote a book called Sleeping Giant, deploring the apathy of the Christian churches of America and their members. This new book represents an attempt to explain how to go about shaking off that apathy. Hudnut's idea is to mount a grassroots publicity campaign, and then to Plan and Organize. The purpose of all this activity is to convert one's congregation into an activist group for social service and social action. Mr. Hudnut's book provides not only the Biblical bases for such a conversion, but also practical information on dealing with concomitant problems such as a cop-out on the part of the minister, the proper way to present a plan to the congregation and answer objections to a plan for activism, etc. No doubt, all of this will seem new-fangled, radical and revolutionary. Deacons and vestrymen and ministers will go into shock all over the World Federation of Churches when Hudnut's book circulates among the faithful. But shock can be therapeutic, as St. Paul discovered long before Mr. Hudnut, and one suspects that the ideas propounded by the author are ideas whose time has come -- again.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1973
Publisher: Harper & Row