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RETIREMENT: Changing Threat to Promise by Robert K. Kinzel

RETIREMENT: Changing Threat to Promise


Pub Date: June 1st, 1979
Publisher: Amacom

This slim volume of caveats by a retired management consultant is--as one might expect--heavily dependent on analysis and worksheets. It is in its element when detailing the various steps involved in determining one's financial situation--assets broken down into those producing income, requiring expense, or neither; pre-tax and after-tax calculations of income and expenditures, etc. Kinzel offers and explains a formula for the gradual expenditure of capital, based upon the assumption of reaching the age of 90: ""The percentage of capital that may be spent starts at 5 percent per year, at the age of 65, and increases by 1 percent every five years."" But the book is far less convincing in its abbreviated discussions of the need for ""social integration"" and in its ""field selection and analysis"" as a means of sifting through activity alternatives. A hit-and-miss effort at best.