SOUTH AMERICA A TO Z by Robert  Kane


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A much needed one introduction to each country in South America is designed primarily for the prospective traveler, but will prove rewarding to the stay-at-home. Here, he says (and proves with facts and figures) is the best travel bargain in the world. While providing on passports, health precautions, and seasonal late, packing shopping most of the space in the introductory is anything but routine. Not only does he provide the broad sweep of history political climate, but he does not hesitate to place where greediness and political blindness. He this section with a summary report on the achievements- and the failures- of the OAS and the current that must be met by the crash program known as the Alliance for Progress. The balance of the text takes each country, - the overall division East and West, and within these sections, alphabetical order. The data is complete, what any serious tourist needs to know, but leaving in mind a vivid and characteristic impression of the character of each country individually. All in all, he does what he sets out to do-he gives a realistic enlightening .

Publisher: Doubleday