OUT OF THE CLOUDS by Robert Kazmayer


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Superficial post-war prating which first reviews some of the ideologies, then considers some of the aspects of world peace which will confront us. Isolating incidents as cases in point, shooting widely in the dark, this did not seem to me to contribute anything either very new or very sound to an already overtalked field. Kazmayer surveys the brave new worlds of H.G. Wells, Middleton Murry, Clarence Streit, Norman Angell; the plans of the Churches, of Free Enterprise, of Labor. His own belief is that we must be careful not to sacrifice true peace to expedience or pressure, that we must find common principles over a period of years, and that a type of Pax Romans or provisional peace should be in force until the years have been able to temper a valid program . Its chief excuse for publication is for that market that needs a tabloid presentation, and that has little or no background on the subject.

Pub Date: Jan. 17th, 1943
Publisher: Macrae Smith