THE SCORPIONS by Robert Kelly


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If the late Shirley Jackson and Ian Fleming had paired under the direction of the Marquis de Sade and between them a book begat, the result might have been this strange but elegant spoof. The narrator is a little beyond definition; he's something of a psychotherapist who generally leads a well ordered existence: ""5:48: Awake. First celebration of Consciousness. 5:50: Arise. Orthostatic exercises. Chant a Waking Gatha. 6:00: Fire Sacrifice."" Etc. through a typical day. He also indulges in imaginative good-life gadgetry which includes a car named Kelvan. What a car. Makes Bond's look positively buggy-ish wouldn't you know. Our hero and Kelvan sally forth at the whim of a client who claims that an ultra-violet race who vaguely resemble Italian gangsters are convening at Fort Lauderdable. En route these phantoms almost, just about, seem to leave proof of their reality...there are some spirited attempts to do in the good doctor but Kelvan copes. On the other hand, there are these other unrelated groups they happen across like the very real, very organized band of flesh worshippers with a ceremony that turns a cross into a swastika...and then there are Individuals like Naomi...left-wing bizarre, a little disturbing, a little like camp-ing out on the Q-T...?...QQQ

Pub Date: Jan. 13th, 1966
ISBN: 1886449201
Publisher: Doubleday