FANCY by Robert Krepps


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Fancy is a bright, beautiful nineteen-year-old who memorizes the Rubaiyat in her spare time. . . when she's not eating enough concotions to fell a billygoat; or talking. . . Fancy talks in multilingual English, anything from early Katzenjammer to old Duke of York not to mention bad gangster. And she talks a lot when she's not pursuing (pursued by) other activities. She's been the mistress of middle-aged Luther until this lost weekend which occurs somewhere in the roaring twenties and somewhere outside of Pittsburgh. They arrive at a Fitzgeraldish mansion and Fancy is immediately taken by their attractive, fortyish hostess, Mrs. Ardyth Rushingford who reciprocates, passionately. Before the first nights's over, they've declared undying love after an (unintentionally?) hilarious love scene. In the meantime Fancy has also been bedded by Ardyth's young poet-in-residence. During the next day Fancy decides to leave Luther and cast her lot with Ardyth, and Ardyth immediately welcomes Fancy to her new life by inviting her into a milk bath. Fancy finds this a bit too perverse and leaps from the tub into a better, straighter life. . . presumably. . . which she will find with another guest appropriately named Yancey. The publisher's will push this into the bi-sexual sweepstakes and it's good for a laugh if you fancy that.

Pub Date: June 2nd, 1969
Publisher: Little, Brown