TELL IT ON THE DRUMS by Robert Krepps


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A blunt and often brutal adventure returns to the 1880's when Kimberley, South Africa, was not much more than a diggers' camp, and where four men have taken a quarter of a million pounds in diamonds from Cecil Rhodes, and Barney, involved in the shooting which follows, is a less guilty fifth. Denis is a former thief who had broken out of Dartmoor; Edgar a veterinary escaping the drudging routine of marriage; Coenraad the Boer is a bull of a man, only looking for women; and Adam, their leader, has not only an implacable hatred of Rhodes but a great formless dream of vengeance. As they travel north, the native drums precede them and track their steps; Barney has a second chance, through a hunter and his woman; but the others, as thieves, fall out- and death is a quick answer to greed and lust and finally to the justice which is overdue... Relentless but unremitting.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1955
Publisher: Macmillan