THE WILDERNESS ROAD by Robert L. Kincaid


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A thorough history of the famous pathway to the West, that gives all-inclusive coverage of its events, personalities and importance. Virginia to Tennessee to Kentucky, here are the Indians, hunters, homeseekers, soldiers, mountaineers, moonshiners, Southern highlanders -- all national types, the frontier leaders and trail blazers, the increasing wave of immigrants. How the route held the new territory of the Northwest free for American occupation, the ebb and flow of the Civil War battles, the failure of a British bonanza, the legends, tales and mysteries of the past. Modern streamlining that has removed actual traces of the old road. Material that is comprehensive and never hypoed up for popular taste, that in its exhaustive research should provide a definite reference volume, in regional material.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1947
ISBN: 1164510649
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill